Active days for your loved one. Peace of mind for you.

The Coleman Medical Model

Your loved one socializes and engages with others. We also have on-staff nursing services, offer therapeutic diets and  personalized care planning and services.  That’s what makes Coleman different.

Specialized Care Plans

Every new participant receives an individualized nursing plan to give them the best care.

On-Staff Nurses

Enjoy peace of mind knowing we can administer medication. Specializing in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, cognitive and physical disabilities and developmental disabilities.


Coleman provides a comprehensive range of wellness-promoting activities that cater to our participants.

Therapeutic Diets

A registered dietician plans nutritious meals and we can accommodate all special needs; such as thickened liquids, pureed foods and other specific restrictions.

Fall Risk Assessment

New participants receive an assessment to determine if proactive fall prevention practices are needed in their care plan.

Not quite ready but want to learn more?

We understand that this can be a long, puzzling process. After all, you are trying to understand the changes taking place. You want to keep your loved one safe and well cared for. You also want what’s right for the family.

We are experts in these situations and can help you gain a healthy perspective. We can speak on the phone or in person – whatever suits you – and discuss important basic questions that you are probably asking yourself, such as:

  • Is my loved one safe at home alone?
  • How will I know if my loved one is ready for adult day services?
  • I am stressed, but how can I determine if it is causing me harm?

You are welcome to tour our facilities, or if you have questions, we are happy to talk to you.

Schedule a Tour!

Visit. Ask questions. Every guest is different and we are ready to discuss your loved one’s specific needs so we can accommodate them. That’s what makes Coleman different.