Therapeutic Diets in the Coleman Medical Model

Our dietitians create custom therapeutic diets.

What Makes Coleman Adult Day Services Different?

Adult Day Services at Coleman is the best way for your loved one to lead an active, social life while still enjoying living at home with you. What makes us different? It’s the Coleman Medical Model.

As part of this model, Coleman dietitians plan nutrition intake that includes all special needs, such as thickened liquids, pureed foods and other specific restrictions.

Has your loved one lost interest in eating right? There could be many reasons why. Depending on their condition, some seniors – especially those with dementia – may not recognize certain types of food. Another factor: With age and/or dementia, food may not smell or taste the same as it did in the past. Also, new medications or dosage may experience a change in appetite.

Coleman recognizes all these factors and conditions. That’s why our dietitian creates custom therapeutic diets to meet their specific needs.

What’s the Coleman Medical Model?

Our building was purpose-built for providing the best possible care to each of our clients. So is our care policy, in the form of a unique Coleman Medical Model that features therapeutic diets, medical specialists and therapists, on-staff nursing services, and more personalized planning and services. That’s the Coleman Medical Model. That’s what makes Coleman different.


What Services Do Coleman’s Dietetic Services Provide?

Therapeutic diets planned by a certified dietitian make sure there’s proper nutritional intake. Here are some examples of what Coleman might do to make meal and snack time more inviting for our day services clients:

  • Simplicity – Not putting extra items on the table like arrangements or decor that will distract or confuse the person. We use only the utensils needed for the meal. Plus, too many food items served at once may be overwhelming. We can simplify our servings to avoid confusion.
  • Color Conscious – People with dementia might find it difficult to distinguish food from the plate or the plate from the table, so we use white plates or bowls with a contrasting color placemat or tablecloth. We will avoid using patterned plates and glasses.
  • Check Food Temperature – Some with dementia may not be able to tell if something is too hot to eat or drink. We always test foods and beverage temperature before serving.
  • Allow Time to Eat – Our individual plans will take into account those who need to be reminded to chew and swallow deliberately.

These and many other considerations unique to your loved one and all of our adult day clients will be part of their individualized plan. We know our guests – and their dietary and mealtime needs will be recognized and addressed by Coleman Adult Day Services.


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