Dementia Care

Caring for someone with Dementia?
Coleman Adult Day can help.

Dementia Care so You Can Self-Care

You can trust Coleman Adult Day to provide the right care for a loved one with dementia. Coleman Adult Day understands the unique challenges that come with dementia care. We know the struggle of living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory impairments– be it the one with the disease or the family taking care. At Coleman, we specialize in caring for caregivers and those they care for. 

When you have to care for someone with dementia, it can be a deep act of love that also requires respite care – for yourself. Coleman Adult Day Services helps you get a break from the demands of dementia care, helping you find your balance as a caregiver. And, through Coleman Adult Day services, your loved one has a chance to be social in a safe environment.

Coleman understands why you might be cautious to trust others to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We respect that time it takes to adjust to the idea. Let’s talk about what you’re going through, how your loved one is doing and how we can help you provide a higher quality of dementia care. 

We’ll never be able to replace the love and care you provide. We can only make it better by helping you.

Dementia Patients Receive Professional Care

Coleman Adult Day Services provides qualified care for your loved ones diagnosed with dementia. We have the medical and psychological training, accreditation, and facilitate many supervised activities that will welcome and comfort your loved one.

Our licensed and experienced staff all understand the needs of memory care clients. So as you try to balance all the demands of your life, you can trust that Coleman Adult Day Services will safely engage your loved one to provide balance and enjoyment to his or her life.

We offer on-site therapy, personal care, dietitian-planned snacks and meals, and even private and safe bathing in addition to our goal-oriented activities.


Support Group for Dementia Caregivers

This service is temporarily unavailable. Updates will be provided as more information comes in.

Quality of life is greatly affected – for both the dementia patient and those providing home care. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, in the early stages “when a friend or family member has Alzheimer’s disease, you may feel upset, confused or scared. Alzheimer’s can be puzzling because a person who has it often doesn’t look sick.” But the memory loss and the need to understand memory care is important.

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging and at times overwhelming.

Share your knowledge and problems with others who have the same experiences at our monthly dementia support group meetings. Caregivers and family members are welcome to bring their loved ones for our staff to assist during our monthly meetings.

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