Why Choose an Adult Day Care That Offers Therapies?

You are your loved one’s caregiver, which also means you’re their advocate. Having a place where they are safe and taken care of during the day while you’re at work or handling other responsibilities is important, but only a part of the solution for providing the...

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What is Sundowner’s Syndrome?

Sunset is often seen as an occasion to celebrate, reflect on our day, spend time with family and unwind. But for those with dementia, sunset can mean a time of increased confusion, frustration and agitation. Also known as “late-day confusion,” Sundowning is a symptom...

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When Caregivers Need Help

The often prolonged and overwhelming stress of caregiving can lead to caregiver burnout – a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. Without physical and emotional support, the stress of being a caring for a loved one can leave individuals vulnerable to a...

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