You are your loved one’s caregiver, which also means you’re their advocate. Having a place where they are safe and taken care of during the day while you’re at work or handling other responsibilities is important, but only a part of the solution for providing the complete services your loved one needs.

Planned group activities and events keep our adult day care clients engaged and socializing – but what makes Coleman different is the wide range of onsite therapies we offer our clients.

Coleman’s unique Medical Model features medical specialists and therapists, on-staff nursing services and personalized therapeutic diets working together to provide the best possible care for your loved one.

Explore 3 reasons why choosing Coleman Adult Day Care with onsite therapies helps our clients:

1. Individual & Group Therapy Onsite

Coleman Adult Day Services offers one-on-one onsite physical, occupational and speech therapy for clients who have a prescription from their doctor. Coleman’s partnership with Atlas Therapy and Rehab allows clients to be seen during the day by professionally trained therapists who understand exactly what additional support they need. Atlas therapists are at Coleman Adult Day multiple times per week to accomodate the specific therapy needs of our clients. 

In addition to these easy-to-arrange, one-on-one onsite therapist visits through Atlas, our Coleman Adult Day offers group therapy activities which help engage your loved one while you’re away.

Our activities coordinator offers regular therapy classes and events to all of our clients in our Seasons Room. Some examples include “Sit & Be Fit” and other exercise, art, and music therapy group classes which are highly beneficial for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s and developmental disorders. Find this month’s schedules here.

2. Encourage Proactive Health

Onsite therapies are not only important for improving our clients’ current abilities and skills, our therapies are also our way of encouraging the proactive health of our clients. Occupational therapy alone is shown to help strengthen and develop the stability of aging clients, helping to prevent future falls.

For clients with lifelong disabilities (LLDs), our therapists are experienced and understand the varied secondary conditions that can be caused by their complex and multiple body system impairments and functional limitations. At other adult day cares, it is not guaranteed that your loved one will get the specific care they need – fifty-three percent of physicians identified limited understanding and comfort with conditions experienced by adults with LLDs.

Our onsite therapy appointments help encourage the proactive health of our clients with lifelong disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

3. Less Appointments = More Time Together

Therapy visits can be numerous and oftentimes a hassle for working or busy individuals to arrange for their loved ones. Onsite therapies at Coleman Adult Day means enjoying more quality time that doesn’t involve waiting at the doctor’s office! 

With convenient onsite therapies, we help save our clients and their loved ones’ time and trouble. Coleman Adult Day Services partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab to offer specialized therapies for our clients, with appointments for each client ranging between 1 to 3 times per week. Learn more about all of the on-site therapies we offer:

Explore more sections of the Coleman Medical Model: