Coleman Adult Day Services understands the stress and challenges that come with caring for an adult with Alzheimer’s, dementia or a developmental disorder. We offer caregivers and family members many forms of support to feel confident about the quality of care they are providing on their own. Our adult day care gives caregivers comfort knowing that their loved ones’ needs are taken care of when they are busy or at work.

Coleman Adult Day offers safe, supervised, and organized day activities as well as supportive services for adults with dementia and developmental disorders. Coleman’s accredited nursing staff provides medical expertise, emotional support and guidance – an essential strength for our families.

Accredited Staff

You make sure they are safe and well-taken care of at home – which is why our accredited staff at Coleman works as an extended community of caregivers. We want to make sure you have peace of mind when you spend time away from your loved one, too.

An important component of our caregiving model at Coleman is our accredited staff which includes nurses, a certified dietitian and other on-site medical specialists including music therapists, occupational therapists, podiatry services, physical therapists and speech therapists.

On-site specialists helps reduce the number of doctor visits to which a caregiver must provide transportation. This means that caregivers can worry less about appointments and focus more on quality time with their loved one. Caregivers already have so many responsibilities, offering on-site therapies allows CADS to alleviate caregiver stress.

Personalized Planning and Services

Every client at Coleman Adult Day receives a Specialized Care Plan. This custom plan outlines a client’s medical history, notes from doctors and therapists and dietary restrictions. This ensures CADS clients have their individual needs addressed throughout the day. For example, using a client’s Specialized Care Plan, our certified dietitian can create a therapeutic diet. These diets outline nutrition intake to include any special needs, such as thickened liquids, pureed foods and other specific restrictions.

Fall Risk Assessment and Fall Prevention

Safety is a major factor in the care and supervision of clients. Since falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for older Americans, we know the importance of fall prevention. CADS takes measures to reduce fall risks. For every new client at Coleman, we perform a fall risk assessment to determine if proactive fall prevention practices should be implemented in our monitoring to decrease the risk of falling.,/p>

And if Coleman observes any risks at our facility during the day, we’ll notify you so you can watch for the signs at home.

Dementia Support Group

Coleman’s monthly dementia caregiver support group is a time when caregivers can share their experiences, feelings and concerns and discuss helpful information about caregiving challenges and solutions. By talking about the trials and accomplishments of caregiving, dementia caregivers gain helpful tips and insights for providing the best care they can for their loved ones.

The monthly dementia caregiver support is also a time to learn about valuable resources from others, including local organizations and services or online support. Caregivers and family members are welcome to bring their loved ones for our staff to assist during the meetings.

Find Your Place in Our Community

The experts at our adult day center are here to discuss the services and programs available at Coleman that can benefit you and your loved one. The community of caregivers are here to not only offer our support and advice, they are here to give peace of mind to caretakers.

Think that Coleman Adult Day Services may be a good fit for your loved one’s needs? Give our experts a call to discuss how Coleman to benefit your loved one.