Coleman Adult Day Services Questions to Ask Before Enrolling Your Loved One

How do I decide whether adult day care is the right solution?

Adult day services should always offer a safe, supportive and active environment for seniors, while offering peace of mind to working caregivers who must attend to their job responsibilities. For seniors who have long-term care insurance policies that cover adult day services, it offers an affordable solution that will take advantage of maximum benefits available under the plan. Coleman Adult Day Services is the perfect alternative to home health care and nursing homes. We assist family members and caregivers in keeping their developmentally disabled loved ones and seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia in a comfortable home environment for as long as possible. 

How do I know if my aging loved one is ready for adult day care?
  • Is your senior is having problems with performing daily tasks? 
  • Are they having trouble has trouble focusing?
  • Will they require some supervision that may allow you to work?
  • Are they isolated, lonely, or have they lost interest in interacting with others?

If you can answer yes to all or most of the questions above, you may want to consider enrolling your senior into an adult day services program. Register for a tour at Coleman Adult Day Services.

What should I look for when I tour an adult day services facility?

Ask about the following:

  • Staff-to-client ratio
  • Experience levels of the staff and background checks
  • Frequency of bathroom breaks 
  • Medication times and who dispenses them
  • Activities and events 

Look for the following:

  • Emergency plans for natural disasters
  • Access to a garden or outdoor area 
  • A comfortable, cheerful, uncluttered setting
What special services does Coleman Adult Day Services provide?
  • Specialized Care Plans – Every new client receives an individualized nursing plan to give them the best care.
  • On-Staff Nurses – Enjoy peace of mind knowing we can administer medication. Specializing in Alzheimer’s/dementia and developmental disabilities.
  • Therapeutic Diets – Our dietitians plan nutrition intake that includes all special needs, such as thickened liquids, pureed foods and other specific restrictions.
  • Fall Risk Assessment – New clients receive an assessment to determine if proactive fall prevention practices are implemented in our monitoring.
  • Senior Outings – Entertainment, events, visits and other activities that seniors enjoy – keeping them engaged and stimulated.
  • Meals and Snacks – Nutritionally sound and balanced, planned by a nutritionist and accommodating all special needs.
  • Music Therapy Services – Music Therapy at Coleman Adult Day improves mood cognition, and communication. communication.
  • Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia CareWe have the medical and psychological training, accreditation, and facilitate many supervised activities that will welcome and comfort your loved one.
  • Developmental Disability ServicesOur day program encourages growth and achievement for adults with developmental disabilities. This makes the lives of both our clients and their caregivers more fulfilling.
  • Hygiene Services – For an extra $35, we offer bathing and other services. This especially reduces caregiver stress with Alzheimer’s patients, who are often very resistant to being bathed. Our certified nurses provide bathing that’s often safer for both client and caregiver in our private shower room with a walk in shower. 
Is care at Coleman Adult Day Services expensive?

The rate for Coleman Adult Day Services is $75/day plus transportation. We work hard to make our program affordable to all who will benefit from our services – and we can help you secure even more assistance with grants. One example of assistance includes Title 20 grants. They can help make three days of social visits per week – including care, meals socialization and exercise – more affordable.

Let’s talk about how to access all the funding you are entitled to provide the care you and your loved one deserve.

What are the hours at Coleman Adult Day Services?

Starting Monday, May 3, 2021, we will be open: 

Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Do you provide transportation?

Transportation to and from our facility can be arranged through PARTA (Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority) and other services. Contact us for details.

Do you have more questions? Take a tour.

Let’s discuss what you need to make Coleman feel like your loved one’s home away from home. Take an online tour or schedule a no-pressure in-person tour of our facility.