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The Benefits of Speech Therapy for Seniors and Other Adults – and How Their Caregivers Benefit, Too

Speech therapy benefits patients of any age. It is especially beneficial to seniors and others experiencing the effects of aging. It helps people improve the ability to verbally communicate. Seniors and other adults who suffer from disabilities need speech therapy to be able to function and communicate with confidence, especially when they are in the care of others. Their ability to communicate is critical to their well being and to the ability of caregivers to help them.


Speak Better – Improve Communications

Sounds obvious – but think of how important it is for a person who is aging or disabled to be able to speak well. The ability to express themselves and speak clearly it easier to communicate with caregivers, counselors, medical professionals and others. Do you know someone who has problems requesting items and responding to questions? That person will likely benefit from speech therapy.

Socializing in an adult day center is a great way to keep language skills engaged and sharpened. Look for one that offers in-house speech therapy and other services to consolidate all the activities that can keep your loved one interacting socially with peers while receiving essential therapy services.


Swallow Better – Improve Health

Did you know that speech therapy can help seniors and other adults enjoy eating more by improving their comfort level and swallow reflexes during mealtimes? On a more serious note, it can reduce the risk of choking. Overall, this contributes to a more balanced, healthy and nutritious food intake.

Caregivers should look for services – including adult daycare – for their loved ones that can also provide speech therapy as well as nutritious menus among the many programs offered. This will make the best use of time and resources while providing active days for your loved one – and peace of mind for caregivers.


Coleman Partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab for Speech Therapy

Coleman Adult Day Services partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab to offer specialized speech therapy for patients who need this care. Other services include occupational therapy and physical therapy.


Strengthens Vocal Cords – Improve Speech

The aging process makes vocal cords less elastic. This weakens muscles in the larynx, making it more difficult to communicate. Speech therapy can include vocal exercises that strengthen vocal cords. This empowers people to retain their speech – and contributes to their ability to confidently communicate – which is especially key to a strong and healthy relationship with caregivers.


Overcome Memory Loss – Improve Mental Sharpness

Speech therapy helps seniors and other adults who suffer from memory loss. Here’s how: Speech therapy helps to preserve brain function associated with communication. Speech therapy also engages and improves the cognitive aspects of problem-solving, attention, communication, and memory.


Recover from Stroke – Improve Communication

Speech therapy is among the many treatments proven effective to help stroke victims. Others include art therapy, group therapy and support groups, melodic intonation therapy (in which patients sing words they are unable to speak), and other techniques. Many stroke victims suffer from aphasia, a communication disorder that affects an individual’s ability to speak after a stroke. Speech therapy increases the stroke victim’s chances of recovering the ability to speak. This boosts confidence and increases the ability to communicate, which is key to the ability of caregivers to help.

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