Physical Therapy at Coleman Adult Day Services

Caring for someone with physical therapy needs?
Coleman Adult Day can help.

Treating Pain Without Surgery or Drugs

The opioid epidemic has made people pause to reconsider the use of prescription drugs. Physical therapy can be an effective way to treat pain without turning to elective surgeries or prescribed drugs.

Physical therapy and other services are important priorities on the calendars of seniors. Just as important is the ongoing socializing that can take place at home, in groups or at a good adult day program. Caregivers are advised to seek out a good adult day program that also provides on-site physical therapy and other supporting services. This helps to condense and simplify busy calendars while providing a continuity of socializing for seniors, which contributes greatly to their quality of life.


Reducing Risk of Infection

Seniors who are not active run a higher risk of getting pneumonia. Because of inactivity, many seniors are susceptible to developing skin problems, such as ulcers. Physical therapy is a great way to remain strong – not only for therapy sessions – but also to establish a lifestyle of exercise.

Caregivers benefit from the prolonged independence, self-sufficiency and general well-being of their loved ones, whose sense of confidence and accomplishment correlate with their well-being.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Seniors who receive the physical therapy they need after an injury have a greater chance to maintain a desirable quality of life. By offering many social activities as well as on-site physical therapy and other services, a good adult day program will engage your loved one with medically-sound care and activities that promote growth, we help make your loved one stay as strong and sound as possible – making your lives together as best they can be.

Physical Therapy also helps seniors regularly exercise – it improves posture, prevents falls, and regulates weight. Physical therapy for seniors contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Coleman Partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab for Physical Therapy

Coleman Adult Day Services partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab to offer specialized physical therapy for patients who need this care.  Other services include occupational therapy and speech therapy. 

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