Occupational Therapy at Coleman Adult Day Services

Caring for someone in need of occupational therapy? Coleman Adult Day can help.

Great Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Occupational therapy improves the life skills of patients of any age. It is especially beneficial to seniors to help them recover from injury, illness, and other conditions. This enables them to more fully enjoy socializing with friends, family and community activities such as day services programs.

Seniors Face and Conquer Everyday Challenges

As seniors age, they face more and more challenges that they never had before. Just dressing and feeding themselves can be very difficult. The difficulty of managing even a small household, running errands or engaging in simple social activities can be a distressing change as people age. Occupational therapists help seniors retain motor skills – or learn how to use new devices – like a grab bar or bathtub bench in restrooms. Coleman Adult Day Services in Ravenna, Ohio recognizes the need for occupational therapy and offers on-site therapy for its participants – making it more convenient than ever for seniors to socialize in an organized setting without having to miss occupational therapy or appointments.

Promote Better Health

Seniors can use occupational therapy to improve their health by remaining stronger, more balanced and avoid the risk of falling, which is the leading cause of injury among the elderly. Being stronger often leads to a more confident, self-assured attitude and positive state of mind. Another great resource for positivity is adult day services, which provides a healthy break for everyone. While caregivers want to keep their loved ones protected in their care at home, a good adult day program provides the socializing and stimulation that also contributes to the well-being of seniors.

Great Help to Caregivers

Caregivers are heroes. Their dedication to their loved ones is more than admirable. While their love may be bottomless and their patience seems like it never ends, it can be quite exhausting even to the most determined caregivers. Occupational therapists take some of the pressure off of a caregiver and help the caregiver recognize there are some services that are okay to relinquish to professionals. This allows caregivers to separate themselves a little and take care of their own lives, too. Like therapists, adult day services serve the same function, providing active days for your loved one and peace of mind for caregivers. A qualified adult day program will offer professionals to monitor, organize and lead activities – and even provide services like occupational therapy on-site to provide added convenience for caregivers.




Coleman Partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab for Occupational Therapy

Coleman Adult Day Services partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab to offer specialized occupational therapy for patients who need this care. Other services include physical therapy and speech therapy.

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