Is it time for Adult Day Care?

It is not easy to admit that caring for your loved one may be becoming difficult or stressful. As a caregiver, you are trying to process their changing needs and provide appropriate and loving care for them, all while managing the other responsibilities of your daily life. It is completely natural to feel overwhelmed.

You want to keep your loved one safe and well cared for, but their needs are evolving. You might be wondering if your loved one is safe during the day while you or other family members are unable to be home, helping them with day-to-day activities and keeping them company.

Of course, the idea of seeking external care can also be intimidating. How do you know your loved one will be well cared for while you’re not there?

That’s what we’re here for. We want you to have a clear and informed perspective while you consider your choices.

We are happy to have a conversation, in person or over the phone, to address all of your questions, thoughts, and feelings.

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What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is an alternative to a full-time nursing home. Adult day care provides daytime care at a specialized facility outside of the home. Coleman Adult Day Center relieves primary caretakers and family members of their responsibility for their loved one during the day.

This kind of senior care allows caretakers to enjoy a healthy break from their duties while their loved ones enjoy activities, nutritious meals, field trips, and socializing at Coleman Adult Day Services. Then, in the evening and on weekends, you can spend meaningful time with your loved one at home.


Seniors We Serve

If your loved one requires some care and assistance with their daily lives but is not ready for full-time care, you might be worried about leaving them home alone. They are welcome to join us during the day at Coleman Adult Day. The health, safety, and happiness of our clients is our top priority.

Special Care for Clients with Memory Loss

We offer specialized memory care services for clients with dementia and Alzheimers, so you can feel comfortable knowing they are safe and engaged. Seniors experiencing memory loss are given a chance to socialize and enjoy activities while receiving personalized care.

Loved Ones with Developmental Disorders

If your loved one has a developmental disability, we can offer them a safe and secure place to spend the day. Your loved one will enjoy activities, day trips along and even transportation to and from the facility if needed. We also offer on-site therapy and special services.

Younger adults with developmental disabilities (or those young at heart) may be interested in our Totally Be You program. Group members will find joy in volunteering, socializing, and enjoying cultural and wellness activities. Our dieticians plan lunches—accommodating special dietary needs—so Totally Be You members have plenty of energy for their excursions.


How will I know if it’s time for Senior Day Care?

It can be jarring to imagine your loved one transitioning from your at-home care to a full-time, traditional nursing home. Thankfully, neither you nor your loved one has to take that big leap.

Our goal is to keep your loved one home with you for as long as possible. By providing the specialized care they need during the day and giving you time to rest, loved ones and family members can stay together longer.

If you find yourself burned out, stressed, and concerned about your loved one’s well-being while you are away, Coleman Adult Day Services can help. We are happy to talk with you about how you’re feeling and whether or not our services will suit you and your loved one right now.


What are the benefits of Adult Day Care?

We believe that Coleman Adult Day Care is an important service for keeping families together. Our goal is to keep loved ones home with their families for as long as possible.

If your loved one needs assistance during the day, but it’s not quite time for full-time traditional nursing care, we are your solution.

We also understand and value the importance of your mental health and peace of mind. Caregivers have a lot on their plates and are at risk of caregiver burnout. We are here to manage some of that responsibility so you can continue to offer consistent love, support, and care to your loved one during the evening and on weekends.

But there is more to Coleman than convenience. Seniors benefit from our care in many ways. Thanks to our variety of services, like social and mental activities, dietitian-planned snacks and meals, day trips, and more, our clients reduce the risk of many age-related challenges.

Adult day care can reduce the risk for:

  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Fatigue
  • Memory challenges

Our clients benefit from the added structure to their days, as well as the connection to other adults their age. Combined with our medical and therapeutic services, you can be sure your loved one is benefiting both mentally and physically.


Are medical services available?

Coleman Adult Day runs on a unique medical model. Our medical model ensures that every client receives the best possible medical care and therapy they need while socializing and enjoying their daily activities.

The five components of our medical model are:

  1. Specialized care plans
  2. On-staff nurses
  3. Medical specialists and therapists
  4. Therapeutic diets
  5. Fall risk assessments

The Medical Model at Coleman Adult Day also encompasses a wide range of specific needs, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia care, music and art therapy services, developmental disability services, American occupational therapy, podiatry services, therapeutic diets, and more.

Specialists and Therapists All in One Place

Coleman Adult Day Center partners with Atlas Therapy and Rehab to make sure your loved one receives the care they need, and to keep you from running to and from doctors’ appointments all day. A variety of therapists and medical specialists are available.

If your loved one needs physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy services, or other therapy services, they can receive them all in one convenient place at Coleman Adult Day.

Not every adult day care center has on-site medical professionals and therapists, but we believe it is important for your loved one to have immediate access to preventative and therapeutic care.

Memory Care at Coleman

Memory Care services are available for clients with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and other memory challenges. An experienced staff led by licensed nurses provide engaging and social activities. Our nurses get to know each client personally so every day can be customized to your loved one’s preferences.

Skilled Nurses Who Care

Coleman’s on-staff registered and licensed nurses can:

  • Administer medication
  • Address emergencies
  • Manage daily health needs
  • Manage chronic conditions with disease-specific programs
  • Educate clients and caregivers
  • Give caregivers peace of mind
  • Assist with bathing and other hygiene services at our day spa


Who are your staff members?

Coleman Adult Day staff members are kind, compassionate, energetic, and committed to the health and happiness of your loved one.

We pride ourselves on intimate care, with a staff-to-client ratio of 6:1. Skilled nurses will get to know your loved one personally, so you will know they have trusted caregivers available to them at all times.

We partner with therapists from Atlas Therapy and Rehab to work with clients who need specialized therapy. Occupational therapists work with clients on motor skills and mobility, while speech therapists help clients with communication, and much more.


What will my loved one do during the day?

Coleman offers a broad spectrum of Adult Day Care services, which can be catered to each client’s unique needs, interests, and energy levels. Beyond our medical and memory care, services and programs for clients with developmental disabilities, and on-site therapy, your loved one will enjoy socializing and leisure activities when they spend their days at Coleman.

Your loved one can express their creativity through art and crafts, enjoy our day spa, or join group members on day trips with provided transportation. If they feel like relaxing, they can choose a comfortable chair in our quiet room and rest.


What is your facility like?

Our building is full of natural light and kept clean and comfortable for our clients. It has multiple rooms for activities, relaxing, and socializing. We want our clients to be comfortable throughout the entire day.

Your loved one can enjoy:

  • Activity rooms for socializing
  • A lunchroom for enjoying dietitian-planned snacks and meals
  • A kitchen
  • An outdoor patio
  • A quiet room with comfortable chairs for reading, napping, and relaxing
  • A creative room for crafts, art, and our Totally Be You program

Time spent at Coleman Adult Day is time enjoyed. Your loved one will be engaged, moving from activity to activity and from room to room at their leisure.


Is food provided?

Snacks and meals are provided for every client at Coleman Adult Day, so you don’t have to worry about packing nutritious meals, or whether or not your loved one is eating them. We ensure every client gets the nutrients they need through meals planned by a certified dietitian.

Does your loved one have special needs when it comes to the preparation of foods? We will prepare thickened liquids, pureed food, and accommodate specific fluid restrictions based on every client’s needs.

If you have trouble getting your loved one to eat meals or maintain a healthy weight, Coleman can help. Our nurses will help and encourage any hesitant clients to enjoy their nutritious meals.


Can I afford Adult Day Care Services?

We want Coleman Adult Day to be available to all. We are happy to help you secure funding assistance through grants.

For example, Title 20 grants can help you afford three days of social visits—care, meals, socializing, and exercise—for only $55 per week.

If you and your family could benefit from our services, we want to help you receive them. Contact us to discuss your funding and assistance options.


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